Friday, March 6, 2015

What's my style?

I just wrote a review for a new jacket I bought from Ann Taylor (I'll probably wear it next week and share pics then).  Ann Taylor asked me what my style was:

Classic: timeless & tailored
Modern: clean & streamlined
Fashion-forward: trendy & cutting-edge
Buttoned-up: structured & neat
Feminine: romantic & soft

I know I'm not "Feminine: romantic & soft" even though I have the occasional feminine dress.  But other than that...  classic? modern? fashion-forward? buttoned-up?

I like structured and neat clothing, find tailoring to be very important, like clean and streamlined looks, but also want to make sure that my look still seems on-trend, or at least not dated. ... 

Anyway, I've read from various Yahoo! headline articles and fashion blogs, and I think my friend N-- who read a book on it, that it can be very helpful to know your own style.  It can make shopping and dressing a lot easier.  So I thought I'd force us all to do a little exercise to characterize our own (target/ideal) styles.  Don't limit yourself to the Ann Taylor categories, but think of a few words that describe the looks you like best for yourself.

I think mine is:
Tailored, clean, but bold, and a little bit sexy. 
I like solid colors, color-block, and the occasional geometric print.  I like bright colors, black, and white.
I like items that are either very slim and fitted or that are explicitly flowy or wide - nothing in-between.

What's yours?  And does my description of my style seem right to you?  (It's always interesting to compare our own images of ourselves with how others' see us.)


  1. my style is jeans and t shirt? LOL

    got the automated email!

    1. Incomplete answer! What look are you going for with your jeans and t-shirt? Boho jeans and t-shirt? Sexy jeans and t-shirt? Classic tailored jeans and t-shirt (well, then maybe you'd do button-down or polo, but still...)? Fashion-forward/trendy jeans and t-shirt (e.g. colored jeans when those were in, printed jeans, ...)? I'm not letting you off easy. :)