Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Midi Skirt Week! day 2

To get a really nice slim look on a pencil skirt, it needs to be tight and a little hard to walk in.  This is by far my favorite pencil skirt because of the shape at the bottom and back.  The back is made of 6 pieces of fabric, all perfectly cut to create that amazing coming-in-below-the-butt and flare out at the bottom, and a little bit of a U-shaped hem in the back.  The flare at the bottom makes it easier to walk in than other no-vent midi pencil skirts, and it just looks good.  The fabric is also nice with the subtle herringbone - it works as a grey, but is a little more interesting.

You can see how these pumps are also way more leg lengthening because the grey color is more neutral than yesterday's black, and there are no ankle straps to cut the leg line. (The heel is also a tad higher.)

Finally, the tailored top worn untucked is more flattering to my short torso. For most of you, it's more important to lengthen legs rather than torso, so yesterday's high-waist tucked-in look will work better.

(Skirt: Forever 21 from a long time ago, Shirt: Express size XS - most of the Express button-downs you've seen me wear lately were size S, which are really too large for me.  Getting the right size makes such a big difference.  Shoes: Sergio Rossi from DSW (I got *really* lucky on these.  I've watched out for another deal like it ever since and haven't seen anything close.)
Oh, and it's a coincidence that I'm wearing green on St. Patrick's day - I forgot - or it was my subconscious which remembered.  I also dressed little girl in green, so maybe subconscious?  :) )

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