Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another toddler birthday party

I remember shopping with my sister-in-law four or five years ago, and she was looking for "kid's birthday party" clothes and shoes.  I didn't quite understand at the time why special clothes were required for kids' birthday parties.  Now I understand.  At least once a month, and often more frequently than that, we all attend a toddler's birthday party as a family.  I need to wear clothes that allow me to sit on the floor, climb, run and play, but at the same time that show that I do think of the birthday party as a special event (i.e., I didn't just wear what I'd wear sitting around the house or going to the park).  This is one of the outfits I came up with, worn to a b-day party at "Pretend City" this weekend.

Remember when puff-sleeves were in a few years ago?  I got rid of most of the tops I bought during that trend, but this one was a bit more subtle on the "puff," and super cute otherwise, so I kept it.

(crop pants: White house black market - I liked these so much that I bought 2 pairs of black and 1 pair of navy as soon as I found them - they work well with flats for casual wear or with heels for evening, sweater: Kensie, from a few years ago (a "Young Contemporary" brand, it's often available in nicer juniors sections, like Macy's or Nordstrom's), shoes: Nicole Miller.  And of course, I carried my 5-zip, since I can wear it cross-body and thus hands-free when chasing after a child)


  1. LOL. I just wear normal clothes to a toddler birthday party.

    Are you wearing flats?

    I do need more nice weekend casual clothes. Work is kind of easy. Weekend... I can't find outfits I am willing to run around in except t shirts an pants.

    1. Yes, those are flats. I have a whole collection of flats and flat sandals. They just seem so much more appropriate for daytime to me than heels. Plus they are run-after-the-kids friendly.

      Before I built up my collection, I made sure to always have 1 cute pair of ballet flats (usually in a versatile bright color) and 1 cute pair of flat sandals (usually in a neutral). But around here, I probably could get away with heels all the time - OC is kind of crazy like that.