Saturday, March 21, 2015

Midi Skirt Week! Day 6, weekend wear

These minimal strappy nude wedges are pretty much the most flattering shoes to wear with a midi skirt for day-time, other than the office. The wedge helps to make the shoe just a bit more casual and day-appropriate in my opinion, but the shoe is still very sleek and refined.  The heel is high, and the straps don't distract at all from the leg line.  The shoes basically make the exposed part of my legs, below the skirt, look a good 50-60% longer than if I were wearing flats or something like the olive booties I wore a few days ago.

This outfit felt very comfortable, bright, and fun to me, but still a little dressy (as L-- described it, "medium").  My lifestyle doesn't make this type of outfit appropriate very often, but I will definitely find a few occasions to wear it this spring and summer.    

The t-shirt is just a little thinner than I'd like, and I probably should have ironed it, but I would totally be willing to wear it out like this.  The fit of the t is just right - loose/blousy enough, but still close to the body.

(Skirt: A gift from a Sri Lankan or Indian relative - I can't quite remember - which I've kept in a drawer in the hopes that I'd figure out a way to wear it, T-shirt: Old Navy, Belt: The fabulous hand-me-down collection - same belt I wore on day 4 with the pencil dress, but with the end hanging instead of tucked for a more casual feel, Shoes: Bandolino from DSW (Bandolino tends to fit well for my slim feet - the brand tends to have a nice slimmer-than-average but not full-out narrow-width fit - and because the fit is unusual the shoes often end up on sale or at DSW))


  1. I'll have to try bandolino shoes. Right now any heel i buy is pretty much 9 west because their shoes are for slimmer feet. I could use another show brand! I do have some from other brands, but they are not consistent in sizes from style to style.

  2. THis is totally california. I could never wear this look in Boston. Also, bunions.