Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Making the too-big suit work

I've decided this suit isn't too bad.  It is a size too big, but given the current wide-leg trend, I think it works.  I wore this banded-bottom blouse over the pants today instead of tucking something in, and that hid the too-loose waistband and the belt holding my pants up.  :). I also found if I button 1 button it pulls the waist in enough to make the jacket look more shapely.

I finally went to the store to try a size or two down in the pants and they just fit wrong for me, so I decided to wear this suit as is for now.

(Suit: halogen brand, from nordstroms, top: express, shoes: Enzo angiolini from nordstroms)


  1. I love my halogen blazer! you liked it once when I wore it too.

    I can't tell at all its too big. The shoulders on the blazer look like that fit and that is what am looking at. Maybe without the blazer the pants look like they are wide leg, yes.

    Nice top!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad it looks okay.

      And yes, the shoulders fit great. I have broad shoulders relative to the rest of my frame. (I used to say that I have broad shoulders, but I now understand that it is relative, not absolute.)