Friday, March 20, 2015

Midi Skirt Week! Day 5

I love the pairing of a midi skirt and ankle boots, even though it's horribly leg shortening. My meeting schedule this week didn't really allow for ankle boots to the office though - it's a different look than pumps.  But just so you can see, I paired the two side by side above.  (The lighting isn't the best in those photos, but you get the idea.)  And yes, I stand differently when I'm wearing chunky-heeled ankle boots and a leather jacket than when I'm wearing pointy-toe pumps and a blazer.  :)

This skirt is one of the soft stretchy fabrics that's really popular right now.  It curves over my hips but I got it in a larger size (4) so that it's not too tight over my hips and butt, to avoid the lumpiness that can occur with these super stretchy fabrics.  And this fabric is oh so comfortable and cozy. If you aren't lumpy, totally go for that smaller size and show off your (smooth) curves! 

This is the length midi skirt that I would recommend for most women this season.  It's long enough to be clearly midi, but it is short enough to still be very flattering.  A more flowy or full skirt can go a couple inches longer and still look good.  But I honestly think very few women can pull off the below-calf midi length.  Even the most beautiful women look shorter and wider wearing that length.  If you are okay with looking shorter, then it's a cute style to wear, but let's face it - most of us want to look taller and thinner rather than shorter and wider.

Tomorrow I'll share some pics of myself in a midi skirt that's about 3" longer than this one. If you're going for the longer midi, I recommend one that cuts *just* below the calf, like the one I'm going to share tomorrow. 

(Skirt: Halogen, from Nordstroms, top: Vince Camuto, from Nordstroms, Cami: Spanx! from Nordstroms, Belt came with skirt, Shoes: Ann Klein from Macy's a long time ago, Booties: Kenneth Cole from the Kenneth Cole outlet, Leather jacket: from one of those leather stores that used to be in the mall (used to be a great place to get high-quality leather goods with a reasonable price tag, but I don't think they exist anymore), blazer: Max Edition from Filene's Basement ages ago)