Friday, March 6, 2015

Black and white stripes

To me, a black and white stripe dress is such a classic item.  When I think of black and white dresses, I always think of simple 70's shift dresses - think Twiggy:
There were a lot of great striped dresses long before the 70's, but this is what comes to my mind.  Plus, with black and white photos, it's not clear if the dresses from earlier eras were black-and-white striped, or just dark-and-light striped.  Still, a couple more fun pictures:

And of course, who could ever forget the black and white striped trim on this dress:

My dress is from New York and Company, and isn't super high quality (for example, it is not lined), but I still paid full price for it - NYandCo is one of those stores where you barely ever have to pay full price because they have big sales and big coupons.  But I saw this dress on the mannequin and loved it.  They were sold out of my size in the store, so I made them strip the mannequin, and it fit perfectly.  (I do this surprisingly often - it is convenient to be mannequin sized.)  But then I got pregnant, and I didn't wear the dress once!  I finally fit back into it now, and am looking forward to wearing it more going forward.

I wore this particular outfit to a prayer service plus birthday party at my mom's house.
Oh, and I dressed baby girl in a black and white dress, with red tights and red turtle-neck underneath.  I couldn't resist.

(Dress: New York and Company, boots: Banana Republic, purse: Jimmy Choo, bought via, Nylons (yes, nylons, not tights): Target.)


  1. this is my perfect dress!! right length and it has sleeves. DO THEY STILL MAKE IT

    1. Yes and No: The great thing about a store like NYandCo is that they use the same cuts year after year. So even though this particular dress is long gone, they have the *exact* same cut in different prints right now. Here are a couple:

      They are on sale right now, as they shift away from their winter dresses to spring/summer, so jump on it if you're interested or you'll have to wait until next fall. (For size info: I am wearing an XS in the pic. I often order a couple sizes and fabrics online and return what I don't like to a store. Do a search online for coupons before ordering.)