Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall jeans, 2: Black jeans

Black jeans are always so slimming and leg-lengthening, that when I saw these at Express I knew I had to go for them.  They are called the "skyscraper jean" and the idea is that they are *extra* slimming and leg-lengthening!  They are soft and stretchy, but have just enough structure and hold to truly be jeans.  They fit like skinny jeans until just below the calf, and then they have the slightest bit of a boot cut.  If you had any formative fashion years in the late 1990's, you will love these things!  I'm wearing them here with my new black ankle boots that I bought on sale last spring.  

If you're someone who ends up wearing jeans when going out at night, I think something like these would be *perfect* for that - sexy and flattering, work well with different height shoes, and just a little more dressed up than the typical pair of blue jeans.  I'll be wearing them mostly during the day, on those days that I want to remind hubby that his wife is kindof hot.  :)  (I got mine in a long length, but they also have regular and short.)

You'll notice that both of my new jeans posts are featuring non-designer jeans.  I decided that I wanted to buy jeans that I would have an easy time getting rid of at the end of the year, or whenever I decide I'm tired of them, and I've learned that I have a hard time donating designer jeans!  Designer denim is more comfortable, lasts longer, and looks better, on average, in my experience - but since I already have a few good pairs of designer jeans in basic designs, I decided to buy a bit cheaper.  And while it can take a little more searching (and trying on) to find the nice pairs at this price, they do exist!  :)

(Jeans: Skyscraper jeans from Express, Boots: Franco Sarto from Saks Off Fifth, sweater: from the now-dead Martin and Osa - oh how I miss you, purse: Rebecca Minkoff)

Fall jeans, 1: Coated denim

The temperature finally dipped down around here, so I'm getting to trot out my fall/winter jeans!  Every 6 months or so I buy a couple new pairs of jeans.  For spring/summer this year, my two main pairs were my white distressed skinny crops and my light grey skinny crops.  For fall/winter, this is one of my new pairs: burgundy coated skinny jeans.

I love the coated denim look - just a little edgy - but I feel like black coated jeans look like they're pretending to be leather!  I also love burgundy and I'm so happy it's been a popular color for multiple years in a row.  So when I saw these on sale, I figured it was worth a shot.  They are not jeggings, so they are more comfortable - looser in the knee for example.  But they are still a nice skinny fit.  And the coating is really cool in person.  My camera could either get the color right, or get the shine of the coating, but it couldn't manage to do both!  So you'll have to use your imagination a bit.

These also pair well with ballet flats or my knee-high flat boots I bought a couple years ago.

In general I love the look of a big boxy flowy sweater over skinny jeans, but it looks a bit frumpy in the first photo.  I guess I've gotten a little used to the images of myself in shorts and a tank-top after our super-long summer!

Finally, most falls I switch to a darker bag, but so far this year I'm sticking with my white summer bag.  The rose-gold metal studs and strap are making it go well with a lot of my fall outfits, and there's something appropriate about the bright white bag for our very-sunny, but finally a little cooler, fall.

I'll post a few more fall jeans outfits in the next few days.

(Jeans: White house black market (run small for WHBM sizing - I'm wearing a size 2), Sweater: J-crew factory, Flats: Macy's, Boots: Vince Camuto from DSW, purse: Rebecca Minkoff from Outnet)

Monday, November 2, 2015


I bought leggings!!!
Okay - the whole country has been wearing leggings as pants for like a decade.  But it just wasn't my thing.  I did it while pregnant, but other than that - it's all pants or jeans for me.  Or an actual dress with tights.  I just didn't do leggings.  But I have two friends who both wear leggings a lot and always look totally adorable in them.  And much like the culottes - I know they are comfortable.  So I finally decided to go for it.  Plus I figured leggings will be a nice way to wear the short dresses I like while still being able to "play" - after all, that's how it works for my 2 year old.  (Yes, I am getting some fashion inspiration from my friends, but also some from my very opinionated and stylish 2 year old.)  
This was my first excursion with my new leggings and sure enough, I was so comfortable!  But also, I got compliments!  Seriously!  So, that's a good first excursion.  I like how the ankle-strap flats worked with the ankle-length leggings.  And the cardigan was nice when it got cooler (there's a storm coming in, and the temperature dipped below 70 I think).  So far so good.  We'll see how else I end up styling them.

(Leggings: Nordstrom rack - I'm happy with the quality so far, nice and thick and holding their shape, with a slightly slick fabric that tunics won't cling to, shoes and tunic: white house black market, cardigan: Old navy (my preferred cardi shapes change every year or two, so I buy cheap ones from places like Old Navy or J-crew factory and then get rid of them after a winter or two))

Brown pants

I love brown pants for fall.  I think so many colors look richer when paired with brown, and tan blazers go so well with them.  Leather shoes always have a super-cool look in brown.  There are just so many great things about brown pants.

But they are *completely* not in fashion right now!  Black, Grey, Navy, Burgundy - you can find those easily.  But brown?  Nope.  I had to look everywhere for these, and finally found them at New York and Company.  They are cheap, about a half size too big (NYandCo has major vanity sizing, and their smallest size is a 0 that is more like a 4, so that's what I got).  BUT, the fit is such that the cheaper fabric works - if the pants were tighter they would show lumps, but as wide-leg pants they do not.  And NYandCo has long lengths!  (And petites.)  That's *incredible* at this price point.  So, for just $23, I got a workable pair of brown pants. 

 One other note: These shoes are the absolute highest heel I can wear, but I can manage them because they are a chunky heel.  So you know - a link back to that "how to comfortably wear heels" post.  ;)

 (Pants: New york and company.  If you ever shop there, check for coupons or sales.  They *always* have coupons or sales.  Top: White house black market.  Blazer and shoes: super old but old favorites.  :) )

Body-skimming dress

I tend to wear very fitted sheaths to work, but I love the idea of a dress that just skims over the body.  I rarely find ones that fit just right - the fitted sheaths are surprisingly more forgiving when it comes to fit because they will usually stretch a little where needed.  For a body-skimming dress to look right, it has to skim just about the same amount throughout - and really what are the chances that a dress is going to have just the right shape in the bust, waist, butt, hips...  But this one does!  

I got really lucky with this dress.  I bought it in the first months of my second pregnancy, without thinking very hard.  It was a fitted dress at that point.  I loved the piping details and the collar.  But the fabric is thick and warm so it only works for part of the year here, and I was only the right size for the dress for a short little window.  So I only got to wear it once!  Luckily, post weight-loss, it fits perfectly as a body-skimming dress.  I almost gave this away without trying it, because it's a couple sizes bigger than I would normally buy.  But I am so glad I tried it on first.

(Dress: White house black market - this one did not go on the usual WHBM super sales.  It's just too gorgeous.  Shoes: Nordstrom, but they are starting to die after one year of super-hard use!  I'm really wishing I'd bought a second pair...  I guess they weren't designed to be worn for multiple-mile walks, but that's just what I do.)