Monday, November 2, 2015

Brown pants

I love brown pants for fall.  I think so many colors look richer when paired with brown, and tan blazers go so well with them.  Leather shoes always have a super-cool look in brown.  There are just so many great things about brown pants.

But they are *completely* not in fashion right now!  Black, Grey, Navy, Burgundy - you can find those easily.  But brown?  Nope.  I had to look everywhere for these, and finally found them at New York and Company.  They are cheap, about a half size too big (NYandCo has major vanity sizing, and their smallest size is a 0 that is more like a 4, so that's what I got).  BUT, the fit is such that the cheaper fabric works - if the pants were tighter they would show lumps, but as wide-leg pants they do not.  And NYandCo has long lengths!  (And petites.)  That's *incredible* at this price point.  So, for just $23, I got a workable pair of brown pants. 

 One other note: These shoes are the absolute highest heel I can wear, but I can manage them because they are a chunky heel.  So you know - a link back to that "how to comfortably wear heels" post.  ;)

 (Pants: New york and company.  If you ever shop there, check for coupons or sales.  They *always* have coupons or sales.  Top: White house black market.  Blazer and shoes: super old but old favorites.  :) )

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