Monday, December 22, 2014

Patterened tights

I enjoy colored and patterned tights as much as I did when I was a little girl.  But they are harder to pull off as a 35 year old professional and mom than they were as a 17 year old high-schooler.  What do you think of today's attempt? (The scarf and jacket are for outside.  This is the knee length dress I wore earlier this fall.)

Dresses in "winter"

I used to wear dresses in winter even in Boston.  It's even easier here, but the main approach remains the same: tights, boots, and a top underneath, and an appropriately warm coat (plus scarf, hat and gloves in Boston) for outside.

(Dress: Banana republic (this is one of their classic items that they make in different colors and prints each year.  It's a very easy-to-wear, flattering, and versatile wrap dress.  Not as low-cut as a DVF, and much less expensive.), Boots: banana republic. Necklace: ... you guessed it!  Banana republic!  I bought all 3 items at different times - different years even I think.  But they do work well together.)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rockstuds! Ish. :)

I've been drooling over Valentino rockstud kitten heels for a few months now.  They've been really popular with fashion bloggers, but I didn't really start to want them until I saw them in person on a shopper at South Coast Plaza.  They sparkle like crazy, but in a sophisticated and day-appropriate way.  It's really amazing.  Plus, the style, with the pointed toe and ankle straps, is very sexy and flattering, but the heel is a low 2 1/2 inches.  Of course, they cost $995.  (Got to price it less than $1000 so that it seems like a bargain, right? :)) 

These shoes are bcbg.  They have a higher heel and a slightly different ankle strap design, so they are not straight-up copies.  I don't like the idea of wearing "fakes."  But they have similar styling and are clearly "inspired by" the Valentino rockstud pumps.  At less than a tenth the price, these were the shoes for me.  I basically stalked the DSW website waiting for a return in my size, and when it came along I bought these. 

The only problem for work is that they have an open heel.  In order to make that work, I plan to only wear them with wide-leg or boot-cut pants which will cover the heel area.  That way the rockstuds will peak out, but I won't be so scandalous as to show heel at work.  ;)

What do you think about that - do you think open-heel shoes like this can be office appropriate even if worn with skinny/slim pants? 

(Blouse: white house black market, 100% silk, pants: j-crew, 100% wool, shoes: BCBG from DSW)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Roland mouret for banana republic collaboration

Roland Mouret in particular, and past-the-knee super-fitted pencil dresses in general, both remind me of Victoria Beckham.  So I had to try out a Victoria Beckham pose in the first pic, with the angled body, leg sticking out in front, and one hand on hip.  I can see why she does it!  It is quite slimming and elongating.  But I also feel a bit silly doing it.  :)

I often get super excited about designer collaborations and then end up getting nothing because they are not as good as I hope.  The Roland Mouret collection was *somewhat* like that.  It was cut for a woman with an average-to-long torso, no bust, and round hips.  So pretty much as not-my-body-type as you can get.  However the designs and style are very me.  So I was happy I could make this one dress work.  I ordered a bunch of other stuff from the collection online, but ended up having to return it all. 

This dress doesn't fit me *quite* right, but I think it's good enough.  I did get a "Wow" from a colleague. That was pretty cool.  :)

(Dress: Roland Mouret for Banana Republic, Blazer: Zac Posen from Saks Off Fifth, Shoes: Nordstroms)

A new jacket and scarf

It tends to be pretty warm around here, but occasionally it rains a bit.  I decided a hooded trench would be perfect (with a removable hood for most of the time), so I bought this over the summer when it went on sale.  Today I finally pulled the tag off and wore it.  I'm happy with the coat so far - we'll see how much use I get out of it.  I'll take a better picture next time - it has nice slim sleeves, which was one of my criteria.

The scarf is super cool too - it has circle cutouts!  My mom-in-law got it for me.  She gets me some really great stuff.

(Jacket: Michael Michael Kors from Nordstroms, Sweater: Banana republic, Scarf: Studio S, Pants: Express, Shoes: Bandolino)