Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Roland mouret for banana republic collaboration

Roland Mouret in particular, and past-the-knee super-fitted pencil dresses in general, both remind me of Victoria Beckham.  So I had to try out a Victoria Beckham pose in the first pic, with the angled body, leg sticking out in front, and one hand on hip.  I can see why she does it!  It is quite slimming and elongating.  But I also feel a bit silly doing it.  :)

I often get super excited about designer collaborations and then end up getting nothing because they are not as good as I hope.  The Roland Mouret collection was *somewhat* like that.  It was cut for a woman with an average-to-long torso, no bust, and round hips.  So pretty much as not-my-body-type as you can get.  However the designs and style are very me.  So I was happy I could make this one dress work.  I ordered a bunch of other stuff from the collection online, but ended up having to return it all. 

This dress doesn't fit me *quite* right, but I think it's good enough.  I did get a "Wow" from a colleague. That was pretty cool.  :)

(Dress: Roland Mouret for Banana Republic, Blazer: Zac Posen from Saks Off Fifth, Shoes: Nordstroms)

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