Monday, March 28, 2016

Replacement shoes (and belt)

This is basically an outfit I've worn before - I do love this dress.  But my old black comfy pumps have been dying for a long time.  They were still comfy, but just didn't look that good.  So I finally made a concerted effort to find replacements.  I did a search for the same brand online, and found out that they still made roughly the same shoe!  Woohoo!  :)  So, I bought the update.  I still have to break them in, but they definitely do look a lot better.  For fun, take a look at old vs. new:

The new ones have a more almond rather than round toe, slimmer heel (though still wide enough to be hopefully stable and comfortable), and lower-cut sides.  And they are actually more padded!  They definitely look just a bit better, besides being shiny and new. 

The belt is new too - I had a couple of different black belts die on me at the same time.  I'm still in search of a good basic one, but got a couple of fun ones, including this, for now. 

(Dress: Roland Mouret for Banana Republic, shoes: Bandolino from Macy's, belt: White house black market)

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Dress

Teaching quarter, with its insane level of work, and fairly boring pantsuits, is finally over. I still have to grade, but no more class. So expect to see more posts as I wear clothes that I'm a little more excited about. ;)  And as I'm working on my research and hence needing occasional mental breaks.  :) 

Today's outfit is super comfy but still cute.  The dress is a little shorter than I usually go for in a work dress.  And it's really sleeveless, which I also try to avoid (but have slowly gotten over - Southern California is a sleeveless kind of place).  But the diagonal stripes and the neutral color combo were just too perfect, so I went for it.  The shoes worked well too - they are so comfortable and practical, but still looked nice.  This is a pair that I occasionally ponder getting rid of, because for some reason they are not always comfortable.  But I think I'm starting to understand when they are and aren't - has to do with water retention.  Bleh - womanhood.

(Dress: White house black market, currently in stock on sale, blazer: White house black market last year, shoes: Payless shoe source! Dexflex comfort.  One of their ongoing designs that they bring back every year in different fabrics/materials and variations (open toe or closed).)

I ordered a new phone with a better camera!  We'll see if my picture quality improves next week.  :)