Friday, March 18, 2016

New Dress

Teaching quarter, with its insane level of work, and fairly boring pantsuits, is finally over. I still have to grade, but no more class. So expect to see more posts as I wear clothes that I'm a little more excited about. ;)  And as I'm working on my research and hence needing occasional mental breaks.  :) 

Today's outfit is super comfy but still cute.  The dress is a little shorter than I usually go for in a work dress.  And it's really sleeveless, which I also try to avoid (but have slowly gotten over - Southern California is a sleeveless kind of place).  But the diagonal stripes and the neutral color combo were just too perfect, so I went for it.  The shoes worked well too - they are so comfortable and practical, but still looked nice.  This is a pair that I occasionally ponder getting rid of, because for some reason they are not always comfortable.  But I think I'm starting to understand when they are and aren't - has to do with water retention.  Bleh - womanhood.

(Dress: White house black market, currently in stock on sale, blazer: White house black market last year, shoes: Payless shoe source! Dexflex comfort.  One of their ongoing designs that they bring back every year in different fabrics/materials and variations (open toe or closed).)

I ordered a new phone with a better camera!  We'll see if my picture quality improves next week.  :)


  1. You really couldn't wear that dress to teach? I would totally wear that (with the blazer) to teach! Public health may be less conservative than accounting, I guess. I think it looks great!

    1. Thanks Kim! I could wear it to teach, but I teach a 3 hour session, and I'm all over the place during class. I'm up and down the stairs at the side of the room and in the middle, back and forth in front of the board. I sit down sometimes too - sort of lean back onto a table. I'm more comfortable doing all that in pants, so I go with pant-suits for class.

      And the one year that I did wear skirt suits I got comments about my legs in my teaching evals. Apparently I have nice legs, according to these couple of students, but I'm not a fan of students ogling my legs and I feel like if 2 or 3 actually commented about it, even more were thinking it.