Thursday, June 23, 2016

White dress for work

I love white dresses but have never bought one for work before.  The color blocking on this one makes it work appropriate though.  It's too low cut on it's own, but I owned the perfect beige cami to put underneath.  And it is surprisingly flattering for a white fitted dress.  Plus it actually works with my comfy mid-heeled wedges!  I took the blazer just in case - air conditioning, wanting to be modest, something like that.  But didn't end up wearing it at all.  It is definitely summer!
I think the keys to making it work for work are the fit - pencil dress but still loose enough over the hips and butt - and the thick fabric and lining which make it truly opaque and ensure that little lumps and bumps won't show.  The color blocking and meticulous seaming are the final details that make it work.  I was amazed I got this dress at the price I did - I think a lot of people were nervous about a white pencil dress when they saw it online.  But after this, I'd encourage anyone to give it a try if they're feeling bold.  (Just so you know, I basically wore a bib while eating my salad in my office today - and ordered a color-less drink when I met someone for coffee this afternoon - so there is that.)
(Shoes: Payless shoes source, Dress and blazer: White house black market, Purse: I'll do a dedicated post on this one soon! Tory Burch, shell earrings with silver trim: White house black market, necklace: old and from some cheaper store like Kohl's.  The matching earrings died long ago, but the necklace has survived for a long time! I'm excited I found these WHBM earrings which go so well with it.)

Summer solstice outfit

It has finally started to really feel like Summer here, and it happened to be Summer Solstice on Monday - a day that I have mixed feelings about.  I love the long day, but it always makes me a little sad that the days will start getting shorter.  Regardless, I was feeling very summery.  I decided to go for heels, even though I have mostly been trying to wear more practical shoes.  I was pretty comfortable, and able to run the next day without pain.  BUT, I took that evening off - I think running the same day would have stressed my calves and feet a bit too much. 
I got so many compliments and comments on this outfit (from my mostly male colleagues).  Everyone enjoyed how summery it was, and loved the shoes.  I'm really enjoying my white culottes.  I got them on a whim because they were heavily discounted, but they have turned out to be one of my best recent work-clothes purchases. 
(Sweater: old! Pants and belt: White house black market, shoes: Vince Camuto, from DSW (that brand is also sold at a lot of department stores, esp. Nordstroms), earrings: small boutique near my house.)