Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer solstice outfit

It has finally started to really feel like Summer here, and it happened to be Summer Solstice on Monday - a day that I have mixed feelings about.  I love the long day, but it always makes me a little sad that the days will start getting shorter.  Regardless, I was feeling very summery.  I decided to go for heels, even though I have mostly been trying to wear more practical shoes.  I was pretty comfortable, and able to run the next day without pain.  BUT, I took that evening off - I think running the same day would have stressed my calves and feet a bit too much. 
I got so many compliments and comments on this outfit (from my mostly male colleagues).  Everyone enjoyed how summery it was, and loved the shoes.  I'm really enjoying my white culottes.  I got them on a whim because they were heavily discounted, but they have turned out to be one of my best recent work-clothes purchases. 
(Sweater: old! Pants and belt: White house black market, shoes: Vince Camuto, from DSW (that brand is also sold at a lot of department stores, esp. Nordstroms), earrings: small boutique near my house.)

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