Monday, November 2, 2015


I bought leggings!!!
Okay - the whole country has been wearing leggings as pants for like a decade.  But it just wasn't my thing.  I did it while pregnant, but other than that - it's all pants or jeans for me.  Or an actual dress with tights.  I just didn't do leggings.  But I have two friends who both wear leggings a lot and always look totally adorable in them.  And much like the culottes - I know they are comfortable.  So I finally decided to go for it.  Plus I figured leggings will be a nice way to wear the short dresses I like while still being able to "play" - after all, that's how it works for my 2 year old.  (Yes, I am getting some fashion inspiration from my friends, but also some from my very opinionated and stylish 2 year old.)  
This was my first excursion with my new leggings and sure enough, I was so comfortable!  But also, I got compliments!  Seriously!  So, that's a good first excursion.  I like how the ankle-strap flats worked with the ankle-length leggings.  And the cardigan was nice when it got cooler (there's a storm coming in, and the temperature dipped below 70 I think).  So far so good.  We'll see how else I end up styling them.

(Leggings: Nordstrom rack - I'm happy with the quality so far, nice and thick and holding their shape, with a slightly slick fabric that tunics won't cling to, shoes and tunic: white house black market, cardigan: Old navy (my preferred cardi shapes change every year or two, so I buy cheap ones from places like Old Navy or J-crew factory and then get rid of them after a winter or two))

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  1. Is it time for an intervention? Leggings are NOT pants. Repeat after me.

    (Although, they do look cute. Sigh.)