Monday, November 2, 2015

Body-skimming dress

I tend to wear very fitted sheaths to work, but I love the idea of a dress that just skims over the body.  I rarely find ones that fit just right - the fitted sheaths are surprisingly more forgiving when it comes to fit because they will usually stretch a little where needed.  For a body-skimming dress to look right, it has to skim just about the same amount throughout - and really what are the chances that a dress is going to have just the right shape in the bust, waist, butt, hips...  But this one does!  

I got really lucky with this dress.  I bought it in the first months of my second pregnancy, without thinking very hard.  It was a fitted dress at that point.  I loved the piping details and the collar.  But the fabric is thick and warm so it only works for part of the year here, and I was only the right size for the dress for a short little window.  So I only got to wear it once!  Luckily, post weight-loss, it fits perfectly as a body-skimming dress.  I almost gave this away without trying it, because it's a couple sizes bigger than I would normally buy.  But I am so glad I tried it on first.

(Dress: White house black market - this one did not go on the usual WHBM super sales.  It's just too gorgeous.  Shoes: Nordstrom, but they are starting to die after one year of super-hard use!  I'm really wishing I'd bought a second pair...  I guess they weren't designed to be worn for multiple-mile walks, but that's just what I do.)

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