Monday, March 16, 2015

Midi Skirt Week! day 1

So this is not the best angle for taking photos of midi skirt outfits, but we'll just accept it.  :)

My friend, and one of my three readers, K--, asked my opinion on midi skirts a couple weeks ago, and I decided to do a full week on them.  :)  The weather has gotten nice and spring-like, it's finals week so I don't have to teach, and it just seemed like the right time. 

Midi skirts have come in and out of style a few times over the last few decades.  Each time they are slightly different.  The last time they were in, they were in the form of pencil skirts.  While that is not the current trend, it's always office appropriate, and not strictly out of style. Plus I already own several!  So I'm going to start with these.
  • Midi skirt length:  Midi skirts can be flattering even on a shorter person.  Midi skirts can range in length from just below the knee to a few inches above the ankle.  The shorter you are, the closer you should have it to just below your knee.  That leaves more leg showing below, and is leg lengthening. 
  • Shoes: You should also *always* wear midi skirts with heels.  Pointed toes also help elongate the leg.  The ankle straps on these shoes are *not* elongating, but I figure I have enough calf to go for it.  Neutral colors are the most elongating.  I will wear a variety of shoes with my midi skirts this week, so you can see how differently they affect my leg-length-look.  
  • Waist: One of my favorite things about the current midi-skirt trend is that it is all about high-waist midi skirts.  This isn't super great for me, but I can make it work.  It is great for shorter women who want to wear midi skirts, and for longer-torso women (which is the majority of the population).  The high-waist skirts are again leg lengthening, plus they allow you to define your waist.
Other tricks: This skirt has vertical piping, which is also slimming.  The skirt's fabric and fit are a little thicker than ideal for my current weight - I bought this when I was a little heavier - but it still works.  For the most flattering midi pencil skirt, you want a fabric that is thick enough to be forgiving, but thin enough to avoid adding bulk, and you want it to come in below your butt and hips.  If it doesn't have a kick pleat to walk, then either it's too loose, or you can't actually walk.  :)  (I have one like that - it looks amazing, but I have to take itty bitty tiny steps.)

Watch for more Midi Skirt Week outfits as the week goes on.  :)

(Skirt: Halogen, Nordstroms, shirt: Ann Taylor from years ago, belt: super cheapo belt that came with a juniors top that I have since gotten rid of - but the belt is useful!, necklace: Macy's, shoes: Enzo Angiolino from Nordstroms and on clearance at Nordstroms Rack now.)


  1. Clarification on the whole - midi pencil skirts trend: Last time midi skirts were in, they were pretty much only midi pencil skirts. This time there are both midi pencil skirts and fuller and circle midi skirts. So you're still fine wearing midi pencil skirts! :) But the nice thing about this go-round is that there is more variety, so you can find what suits you - your figure and your style.

  2. LOVE the skirt and the belt. More later.

  3. This looks great on you. I thought I had been seeing the trend to midi skirts that hit at the widest part of the calf (this is a body part you don't have ;), but now I'm looking back at my magazines and seeing them hitting BELOW the calf. Which seems like a very odd length to me, and I'm dying to see if you can pull it off!

    1. I don't have any! The one I returned to WHBM for fabric issues was that below-the-calf length. I used to wear that length back in the 90's, like 3 midi-skirt-trends ago, and loved it. But I don't have any in my closet right now to show to you.

      Hmm... maybe I can squeeze in a little shopping trip with fitting-room-photos on Thursday... :)