Sunday, March 29, 2015

A new necklace for a Saturday conference

I had an all-day conference at USC this weekend. The conference turned out to be terrific, and the USC campus is gorgeous.  I wore a cream blouse and my brown suit which are both work standards for me (though I haven't paired them together before).  But I also wore my new spike necklace.  It was fun to wear something a little edgy.

(Necklace: J-crew factory, Earrings: Ann Taylor Loft, Blouse: Express, Suit: J-crew from many many years ago, Shoes: Two Lips from Macy's)


  1. looks really nice! I think the necklace makes you look like a professional person who is into high fashion. Like you go to new york fashion week after you go to your conferences on the east coast. :)

    My grad school prof was in an article in vouge once so you never know!

    1. That's great! Wow, I want to go to NY Fashion Week. And be in Vogue. I need to do something amazing with my research, and then do lots of consulting to earn money, and then spend that money on clothes, and then keep doing amazing things with my research so I stay interesting. Hm. Sounds possible. Challenging, but possible.

      The whole being-in-Vogue thing might not be my top priority though. :)