Monday, March 23, 2015

Casual Monday - spring break working style

Spring break at a University is usually a little more casual than other weeks.  Summer is the same way.  But I still want to dress somewhat professionally.  This is an example of my "Casual" work style. 

I've never owned navy shoes, and I've never missed them.  But I'm finding myself wearing these pants so often that I think I'm going to search for navy shoes now.  Wish me luck.  My current shoe shopping list is:
  • navy work shoes
  • floral/watercolor pumps (very trendy, so don't want to spend too much)
  • block-heel nude/beige/light-brown sandals
  • nude or gold ballet flats or up to 1" wedges (that can work with dresses)
  • black chunky-heeled ankle boots (these were on my winter list and I never found them, but I know I'll want them next winter too, so they'll stay on the list even though they are out of season.  A lot of times the best deals are on out of season items anyway.)
 (Top: super old and the brand doesn't seem to exist anymore.  But it's worth pointing out that this is a size Medium Petite.  Sometimes I have good luck with petite sizes given my short torso, and larger sizes for more fitted/stretchy items where I don't want it to be quite as tight (esp. across my chest).  Pants: Reiss, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini from Nordstroms, Blazer: J-crew factory.)

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