Monday, March 23, 2015

Midi Skirt Week! Day 7, Midi with flats

I had two main activities today:
1. Had a couple and their toddler over for a casual brunch at our place.  That meant a lot of running around with toddlers, playing upstairs (no shoes allowed), etc.  I was barefoot for a lot of that, so I decided to take a pic of myself in the dress barefoot.  :)
2. Went on an Easter egg hunt at a local park.  This meant running around on grass with a toddler.  Flats required.  I tried the dress with two pairs: Flat sandals and ballet flats.  The ballet flats are more flattering given the lack of ankle strap, but I wore the sandals anyway because the sandals are more comfortable for truly running around.  I have decided to get a pair of reasonable-quality gold or nude ballet flats (ideally peep-toe) for spring/summer though - I think they will be useful for outfits like this. 

Overall I really enjoyed wearing this dress for a casual weekend day.  It was flowy and pretty, and the flats dressed it down enough that I still felt appropriate.  I would have been severely overdressed among the crowd I was spending time with if I had worn heels, even my wedges or chunky heels.  And I found the length to be much better for sitting on the ground with the kids, running around, etc., than a shorter dress.  I think I will be wearing this dress in this way much more often now, and possibly even looking for one or two more like it.  I know hubby would be happy if I replaced my maxi dresses.  Also - no bra!!  Yay for being able to go bra-less!  :)

(Dress: at least a decade old, from a random store in/near San Jose CA, shoes: sandals Kelsi Daggar and silver flats Walmart, Earrings: gift from mother in law, cardigan: Express (I think - I'll double-check that next time I wear it...))


  1. this looks great! No bra! Don't you need the support? I would feel so naked.

    1. I can only get away with it with certain tops or dresses. But I've found that empire waist halter-tops tend to be better for me if I want to go braless - it's sort-of like wearing a bikini top - not as supportive as wearing a bra, but not bad. And it is so comfortable in other ways - I feel so light and free.