Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Sundress kind of day

Our weekend was about as summery as you can get.  We went to a park, IHOP, an outdoor shopping center where we got frozen yogurt and ran around, went to the beach, had dinner, and crashed.  Then we got up, went for a jog (well, son and I did), went to a park (daughter and I did), went to brunch by the beach, walked along the pier, went to the beach, and then went to a friends' place to swim!  And came home and crashed again.  So I spent a lot of the weekend in sneakers or a swimsuit.  But for brunch, I wanted to wear a nice sundress.  Of course, I knew I'd be walking up to 2 miles while carrying a 2-year-old, and again - beach town - so flats were appropriate.   

I paired this flowy but slim sundress (Thank you J--!!  This is another of the hand-me-downs) with my flat sandals and just went for it.  I think it worked, but I have to admit, it looks a bit awkward in the photo from the back.  More flip-flop style shoes would probably have been better.  On the bright side - people probably paid more attention to the adorable open back on the dress, and the happy red and white print, than my shoes.  :)

I can't wait to wear this dress for something (inland?) where I can wear my strappy white wedges.  I think those will pair perfectly with it.


  1. nope it did not. sigh. I wrote : did not read the post! I wanted to see the sundress picture! For some reason I excepted a less formal dress from you, but obviously I am crazy. You look great! Also: I love my nude collared dress from you. Everyone tells me how great it is. I love telling people it's a hand me down from a friend who gave me her "fat" clothes.

    1. nude collared or nude colored?

    2. It's actually both! It is a collared dress in a nude color!

  2. LOL - At some point I'll photograph my "home dress" collection - less formal.

    I'm so glad that dress is working so well for you!! Also, people must think I'm crazy when you call it my fat clothes! To be fair, I never called it that! Just my size-or-two-too-big-for-me clothes. :)

  3. I wore this dress again this weekend with nude wedge heels and got several compliments! This is definitely one of my new favorites. I love open backs.

    And as a bonus, hubby saw me close a window while I was wearing this dress and said my back muscles totally showed. Aw yeah - all that working out is paying off: I can close the window now! ;)