Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Under-accessorized: Oops

This was a pretty good start to an outfit - the pants fit nicely and are a rich caramel color.  The top is nice and bold, dressy enough for work but casual enough for summer.  The shoes are *perfect* with that exact caramel and the black colorblocking.  But what I really needed was a long pendent necklace.  And I don't own one!  Yup, that's right.  I have a great collection of short necklaces, but very few long ones.  So, I ordered one.  :)  I'll try this outfit again in a couple of weeks when my new necklace arrives, and we'll see if it helps. 

Also, I know I've totally been slacking on my posts lately!  We're going on vacation tomorrow, and it turns out *pre-vacation* is one of the craziest most stressful times!  I had no idea, because it's been so long since we've done a vacation!  But I'm determined to do vacation blog-posts, so watch for those.  The formatting won't be as good, since I'll be posting from my phone, but you'll still get to see pics.  :)  

Happy Summer!  

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