Friday, July 17, 2015

Vacation outfit 4: wine tasting

Wine country is hot, and casual, and there's the chance of a stray red wine splatter.  But it's also relaxing and fun adult time.

I love the braided rope trim on this top, and I finally found decent length shirts that are low enough rise for me to tuck into.  And of course - one needs a hat when walking the vineyard grounds.  :)

I would have considered a cute day dress, but given the length of our trip it was important to pack things I could wear multiple times, and this is more flexible.

(Shirt: random little shop at a local mall - Asian owned and run, I tend to be a size l there.  Shorts: jcrew factory 4" inseam, hat: jcrew factory, belt: White House black market)


  1. I'm sorry - where are the kids in this vacation?

  2. LOL - we left them with my in-laws plus babysitter for 1.5 days for the Napa portion, and for one evening for dinner out. The rest of the time, we were all together.