Monday, July 20, 2015

Vacation Workouts

(Out for a morning jog in the Napa valley - the vines were covered in grapes)

This trip was all about relaxing and partying - we went to multiple parties, including a wedding reception.  We went to Napa.  And we had lots of meals with friends we hadn't seen in a long time.  So this was not a fit-and-active type vacation. But I also think that 11 days of sitting on my butt and eating horrible food would have made me feel pretty awful too.  I wanted to strike a balance.

My eating was definitely a bit worse on vacation - I drank at least a couple glasses of wine a night (at least), and had dessert almost every evening.  But overall I ate decently.  I wasn't suddenly having pancakes for breakfast and a burger and fries for lunch and pizza for dinner - I was still eating salads, greek yogurt, fruit, eggs....  Just throwing some wine, Indian sweets, and a few nibbles of those pancakes and muffins, on top.

Similarly, I relaxed a bit on my workouts, but I still managed to get some activity in.  I took a resistance band with me and I have a few fitness-related-apps on my phone.  Those both came in handy. 

Here's the 11-day run-down:
  • Thursday: woke up super early and did T25 Upper before we left
  • Friday: Running and lower-body strength with bands: I ran a 0.4 mile loop (with a hill) and did something in between each lap - run, stretch, run, squats and lunges with band, run, side-steps with band, run, stretch (20-30 minutes and 1.6 miles total)
  • Saturday: Warmup and upper-body workout with band in backyard (20-25 minutes)
  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: 3 rounds of "Seven" 7-minute full-body workout app.  Modified to make it harder.  :)  (21 minutes)
  • Tuesday: Morning jog in Napa - just 1.7 miles, but a nice steady 10-minute pace (other than a pause for a picture - I was surrounded by grape fields!  I couldn't resist.)
  • Wednesday: slow/gentle 2 mile hike with baby on back in the morning - but there was some elevation gain and a narrow hill-side path, 20 minute flow yoga routine from YogaDownload in the evening (got the blood flowing, but also helped stretch my legs and back out after hiking with baby)
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: Warmup in back yard and upper-body workout with band inside (25 minutes)
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: 21 DFX Yoga, after coming home
11 days: 3 rest days, and the rest were mostly short 20-25 minute workouts.  But I got my heart rate up and my blood pumping and used my muscles.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how I did.  I felt good.  I certainly enjoyed myself with the food and wine, but I didn't eat so badly that I felt bad.  And the workouts were nice.  I could have pushed myself more on the exercise side, but I was really just trying to stay active and keep feeling good and energized - not increase my fitness level.  I ended vacation at the same weight as when I started.  The chub layer on my tummy is a little thicker, but a few days of eating well and normal workouts will probably take care of that.

And now I'll be starting my boot camp adventure, so I guess the vacation tummy padding will help to make the "before" bootcamp picture looking more before-ish.  :)

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