Friday, July 10, 2015

Vacation outfit 2: Visiting a great grandma

I feel like great grandmas appreciate it when we dress up just a little to see them.  It was a short casual daytime visit with the kids, so I wore jeans and a Tshirt, but nicer jeans and a nicer Tshirt.  :)

Also, you've probably seen pretty glass pendants somewhere, I got this one in Venice but there are versions at mall kiosks and craft fairs too.  They are usually sold on black cord and look really hippy-ish that way.  But I really think wearing them on a necklace like this transforms them.

(Jeans: frame denim, top: White House black market, flats: ferragamo, newly polished and looking really refreshed, necklace: express, pendant: Venice Italy)

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