Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back to reality

I took my new White House Black Market outfit out for a spin.  I loved it!  I didn't even realize it when I bought the blazer - but it has 8 pleats around the bottom part - such a neat detail.  I paired the outfit with my fun Target pumps (I still can't believe I found such stylish and comfortable pumps there, and that they've lasted me so long!).  This outfit was perfect - it was over 80 and humid outside, overly air conditioned inside, I had a casual lunch outside with my group, and a formal meeting inside with higher ups - so part of the day was without blazer and part with. 

One funny vacation side-effect - it's been so long since I wore heels like this that my feet were cramping by the end of the day!  Normally heels aren't an issue for me at all, but I guess it's because I really am used to them, and now I'll have to get re-used to them!  So, for all of you who don't wear heels much - if this is how you feel after a day in high heels - you probably just need to work your way up to it.  I know I've heard that, but I've never really experienced it before!  :)


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    1. Isn't it?! I just checked and they're all sold out now. But I'm hoping they'll make it in other colors. I'm totally willing to own this shirt in a few colors!

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    1. I remembered you had commented that you liked it. That's why I emailed you when I saw it back in stock in your size. :)