Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Experimenting with T25

I told myself I'd hold off until after the Saturday 5k to try T25 in earnest.  So I started Sunday.  :)

I had just 5 days between the 5k and our vacation, so I decided to play around with different workouts to get a feel for it.

Sunday: Ab Intervals (Alpha) - a really nice heart-rate-increasing body-weight ab workout
Monday: Rip'T Circuit (Beta) - a heart-rate-increasing full-body workout with weights - great all-around workout
Tuesday: Cardio (Alpha) - a lot of jumping, a little speed work, and overall good cardio workout.  This was a little hard on my knees - I have to be super careful and thoughtful while I'm doing it to make sure I don't hurt myself.  But there's always the low impact modifier to follow if I want to.
Wednesday skipped - was up till midnight packing and trying to get work done before the trip.  I'm all for a late-night before-bed workout, but past midnight is a bit much for me...
Thursday: Upper Focus (Beta) - (so instead of staying up late, I woke up early! :) ) - oh so t25 - a great heart-rate increasing arms, back and chest workout.  I had to fully low-impact-modify to avoid waking the family, but it was still a great workout.  Not quite as heart-rate-increasing but still overall a great use of 25 minutes!

My overall take so far: I love weights too much to do the alpha phase as written - no weights for 5 weeks would be a little sad for me.  But the workouts are incredible.  They are all energetic and fun, and really heart-pumping.  The strength training workouts in Beta are fabulous - Shaun T takes a different approach than Autumn Calabrese (21 day fix), and I enjoy both!  Overall, I think I'm going to keep using the T25 workouts and mixing them up, doing them on non-run days, and stuff like that.  But I probably won't do the full-out 10-week T25 program exactly as written, the way I did with 21 day fix extreme.  I think it's also my personality - It's a lot easier for me to follow a single program, whatever it may be, for 21 days than for 70!

My next fitness adventure will be trying to still get some exercise during my 10 day vacation!  I'll let you know how it goes.  And once I get back - I'm going to try a Barre class with a friend, and then try a month at a Boot Camp Gym!  I am absolutely *loving* my Beachbody workout programs, but another fit friend (yup, I seem to have a lot of them!) convinced me to give boot camp a try.  :)

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