Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I ran a 5k!!

I ran my first ever 5k on Saturday!  (Yup, July 4th - notice all the flags and red white and blue! :))
It was a blast!  Here are a few things I learned:

1. When you'll be walking a mile to the race, and a mile home, it's worth factoring that into training.  Oops.

2. It's really not fun to be at the VERY back of the pack - because then you have to weave through all the walkers!  My friends and I took almost 15 minutes to run our first mile!  But then we ran the second two in about 19!  So yeah, positioning matters.

3. WOW, we can go fast!  :)  One of our friends is super driven and apparently pretty fast, so she pushed us to go.  And every time we passed someone we'd speed up a little bit to get around them - and then we didn't slow down!  So we basically just continuously sped up the entire time.  I'm sure the 3 of us could run an under-30 5k in the future if we want to.  We did our *last* mile in 9:14!

4. They take photos at the finish line!  Oops - probably shouldn't have let myself fall behind my friends *right* at the end!

AND, my time was 33:30.  (I'm totally regretting letting myself fall 2-3 seconds behind my friends.  Not for the time's sake, but we could have had an awesome crossing the finish line photo together!)  But still, not bad.  Obviously I wasn't going for speed, but given we expected it to take us about 37, and we were at the back of the pack and had to do all that weaving, I'm super proud of us.

It was a really fun event, and I'm so so so glad I did it.

Another hilarious thing - 1st mile, totally chatting.  2nd mile - a little chatting.  3rd mile - about 3 comments total from all of us combined.  :)

So last night...  we signed up for a 10k! 

It's in late October, so I'll focus on general fitness for the next month or so, and then start training for the 10k more specifically in September.  Pretty crazy for a woman who had never jogged more than a mile in her life as of a month ago, huh?  I'm having so much fun, and I really appreciate my friends encouraging me to try new things.


  1. you look really thin in the picture. :) Good job Dev! You will kill your next race!

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