Friday, July 24, 2015

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!

This is probably my single favorite sale of the year. Every summer, mid-summer, Nordstroms puts some fabulous fall items on sale before the season starts.  For most other sales, sale items are end-of-season, so you will barely get a chance to wear them, or they're the leftovers that other people didn't want.  This is the brand new just-in-stores stuff!

Here are the minuses to the sale:
It's July.  It's hot.  And these are fall/winter items.  So it can be a little hard to decide what you want.  It can also be hard to say which trends are actually going to pick up.  And finally, the items might go on actual sale before you ever wear them.  SO...

Last year I bought sunglasses, a purse, a couple pairs of shoes, camis, bras, and some makeup that wasn't actually on sale but hey I was there.  And I used ALL of it a lot.  It was a very productive shopping trip.

This year - I'm just buying 2 bras.

But if you're in need of any basics, or have an idea of any fall items you want this year, definitely check it out!  It is a pretty great sale.  And the service is great if you go into the store.  You can also browse the Anniversary Sale catalog/mailer online, which is always fun.  :)

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