Monday, August 3, 2015

Office Monday

This summer I have basically been coming in to the office once a week, and working from home the other 4 days.  It's great - I've been productive, but have also relaxed a bit more, worked out a little more, etc.  Here's today's Office Monday outfit.  

I love this skirt and always wore it with a top over in the past, but I decided to try tucking today.  I think it works despite my high waist.  I was also super happy about this cobalt blue with the black and white skirt and shoes.  

I love this skirt.  Every time I wear it I end up checking the designer's website again.  When I went to her boutique in SF I came away thinking that she's really brilliant at cutting and draping fabric, and finds the most interesting prints.  But she's honestly not great at sewing.  I think that's why her stuff is still reasonably priced.  If you like well draped clothing, check her out: Sunhee Moon.  And this basic skirt is one of her standards.  Right now she has it in a few solids.

This was not the best pair of shoes to wear on moving day - I'm moving offices right now.  But I couldn't resist.  Worst case I'm closing my office door and taking my shoes off while unpacking the last couple of boxes.  :)

(Top and shoes: White house black market, Skirt: Sunhee Moon)

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