Friday, August 7, 2015

Work-from-home weekdays

I mentioned that I've been working from home mostly this summer.  So what do I wear when I work from home in the summer? Summer dresses!  I love comfy cute dresses that I can wear while I sit around the house and when I run out for errands.  Here are a few:

Black maxi: Dorothy Perkins, bought in London
Red, black and white dress: random teen-agery store years ago
Orange dress: Old Navy
Black and pink dress: I think JC Penny! But from SO long ago.

Black super-basic super-minimal flip-flops: Old Navy (great for narrow or low-volume feet, and like 2$!)

And yes, I have even more summery dresses along these lines.  This is one of my favorite parts of my wardrobe because these dresses never go out of style, and they are so comfy, cool, casual, but still cute. 


  1. So basically you are saying that you're so fashionable that you even deign to wear a strapless bra on work-from-home days!?

    1. LOL - Kim, you're too funny. Umm... yes? :D For a couple of these dresses, I go braless, for a couple I wear strapless. But I'm also a big believer in skinny-strap bras with spaghetti strap day-dresses - as long as the colors coordinate, I think of the bra as part of the outfit. I just bought a cute lacy bralet with lace-trimmed straps to wear at home with my jumpsuits!