Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Workout wear

This post is about my workout wear, but it also serves as a "before" picture!  I just joined a 21 day online "challenge group" to get fit.  There isn't really any set workout, diet, or anything, but it's a group of women who all want to get fit who are reporting in to each other each day online.  We'll see if this helps me to get myself to work out again.

I "grew up" in the age of yoga pants, but today's high-tech fabrics and fitted workout pants are so much better!  The fabrics are really good for wicking away moisture, and breathability.  They also provide great compression, which research has shown increases workout effectiveness and efficiency.  Nike is famous for theirs.  But I tried on the Nike ones, and nothing seemed quite right for me.  These Champion brand pants are almost as good, and definitely good enough for me, for a fraction of the price.  I love the black in back and grey in front, and how the line between the two is designed so that it's super leg-slimming.  What can I say - if I'm going to wear skin-tight pants, I like for them to be flatteringly skin-tight.

My sports bra is also Champion - from back in the day when they had 32 band bras.  They make bra-sized sport bras, which is excellent for someone like me.  Their bands run a bit tight, so even though I'm a 30 I can get away with the 32s.

Finally, shoes are key.  I went to the New Balance store and tried on a bunch.  Running stores are great too.  You want a place where they'll watch you walk and run and really help you find the perfect shoe.  Mine are expensive, and have special insoles in addition, but they are so supportive and comfortable that it's completely worth it to me.  And if you happen to live in Boston, go to the New Balance outlet!!!  Oh how I miss that place.

The rest of my outfit is pretty low tech: a cheap stretchy tank, and an old Gap zip-front hoodie.

(Pants: Champion brand from Target, Bra: Champion brand from their website, Shoes: New Balance from the New Balance store, Hoodie: Gap, tank - can't remember.)

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