Monday, April 6, 2015

Why I call it my too-big suit

The last couple of times I posted about trying to make my black suit work despite being too big, you, my wonderful readers, said that it looked good!  I was pleasantly surprised, and decided those outfits must be pretty good for "making it work."  I'm wearing one of those same outfits today.  But I decided to post this picture to help you understand why I call it my "too big" suit.  It's not like you could fit 2 of me in it or anything (or even 1 1/4), but it is definitely a size or two too big.  Without a belt it almost falls off, since I don't have much by the way of hips.  And with a belt, it looks a bit baggy and sort-of gathered at the waist.  But I have at least one top that works well with it, and for now that's still super useful.  It is also incredibly comfortable for these long days of teaching nights.  So for now, my too-big suit is staying!  Maybe I'll look for a replacement next fall.  Or maybe I'll just look for one or two more tops that cover the waistline to wear with it!  :)

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