Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Easter egg hunt

Another comfy summery dress with flats for running around on the grass.  I think this is going to become a spring/summer staple for me.  I'm so excited that my kids are old enough that I can realistically wear dresses again - yes I'm still on the ground with my toddlers, but it's not quite the same as having an infant plus toddler - that was not skirt friendly.  (This dress has sewn-in cups, so combined with the halter neckline I can get away with no bra again.)

I also kept promising to photograph my watch, and since it's one of my only accessories with this outfit, other than my usual simple silver-tone and diamond-looking earrings, I figured today was a good day to do it.  When white watches with big faces came in style, I loved the idea of a watch where I could actually read the time, and I've always loved white as a wear-with-anything year-round neutral (my favorite purse for years was a white leather bag).  But I wanted a slightly more polished and grown-up version than some of the more plastic-looking ones.  And yes, some of those were super high-end designer watches, but they still looked a little juvenile to me.  This was my answer.  Mother of pearl face, white leather band.  I could have done without the crystals around the edge, but I don't mind them.  And Seiko is a nice in-between brand with high quality and nice style, but a reasonable price-tag. 

(Dress: Juniors department somewhere long ago, flats: Walmart (I'm getting so much use out of these I might go back there to buy more in other colors!), watch: Seiko, from hubby)

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  1. i really like the dress! its so fun. I love wearing dresses all the time now, but mine are, of course, maxi dresses. But they are still fun!

    What a cool watch! I just can't wear things on my wrist. But it looks really pretty.