Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Channeling Claire Underwood

I recently finished watching the third season of House of Cards on Netflix. As with each of the other seasons, I was left wishing I had Claire Underwood's wardrobe, and was half as fit as she is.  I can work on the fitness, but I will never be able to afford an entire closet of designer dresses, Louboutins, and high-end designer bags.  Still, I can take a little inspiration from her costume design.

One thing I loved about Claire's wardobe in season 3 is that, while it remained strong and powerful as in seasons 1 and 2, it added a little color.  Claire branched out from her usual black, grey, navy, and white, to include dark rich purple and burgundy shades. 

Here's a fabulous pinterest page of Claire Underwood pics:  And some pics taken from random places on the web, but mostly

I love her use of pencil dresses and skirts, button-down shirts, and of course high heels.  She also looks amazing in A-line and flared dresses, which I know I would not look quite as good in.  She makes great use of peplums to help make her tight/body-con outfits look just a bit less tight.  And I really love how she occasionally pulls out her amazing glasses.  I often feel like I have to wear my contacts to look stylish, but I know I bought my glasses specifically because they seemed stylish and flattering to me.  I should really allow myself to wear them out in public every once in a while.

We also saw her in casual clothes a couple of times this season.  Of course, one of her casual outfits was a chic pencil dress with louboutin knee-high boots and a knee-length coat.  But that's just how she rolls.  We did get to see her in a pair of flat oxfords, a button-down and sweater over, and I think perhaps even jeans?  Couldn't find a picture of that one.

So, given my recent binge, I'm going to post a few Claire-inspired outfits over the next few days.  Of course, given that this is me, I will incorporate more color. 

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