Friday, April 3, 2015

Floral pump Friday

This is my take on the floral pump trend.  I was really excited when I found these shoes.  They are just a little bit floral - really more watercolor than floral - and have perfectly bright but spring-like colors for me.  I also like the white base so much better for this style than the black or navy bases some of the floral pumps have.  I also loved the pointed dorsay styling.  The heel is just a tiny bit higher than I would like for super-practical wear - I won't be walking a mile or two in these any time soon - but they are not bad at all.  I will probably be wearing these a lot this spring and summer, and already have a few ideas for how I want to wear them.  Today's outfit is a nice Casual Friday work outfit for early spring - it is clearly spring, but not super warm yet, so pants and long sleeves were in order.

I couldn't resist photographing one of those tiny details that no one would ever notice in person - my earrings perfectly match my shoes.  :)

These pants are new too.  I love my black Express Columnist pants - they are so flattering on me.  So when I saw that Express had made them in grey, I jumped on them and ordered them in the same size.  This pair fits me just a bit tighter through the thighs, and the grey is less forgiving, but I figured with the flowy blouse it is okay.  I'm hoping they stretch out a bit over the first few wears so that they won't look quite as tight.  I'm also debating whether to hem them - I figure I'll try wearing them as is a couple of times, and washing them once to see if they shrink, before I decide.   

(blouse: 100% silk from White house black market, pants: Express columnist pants (long length - these come in regular, short, and long), cami: forever 21 from a while back, shoes: Vince Camuto from DSW, a super recent purchase.  I cannot find these shoes online *anywhere* including the DSW website!  I'm super excited that I got them when I did.  I spent a bit more than I usually would on something so trendy, but that will just push me to make sure to wear them a lot.  :) earrings: from a street market in India)

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