Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall colors

I love the browns, creams, camel, and burgundy of fall.  It has finally cooled down enough here that it feels like fall, so I'm making the most of it.  (It looks like my pictures aren't very good today though - my camera lens must have been dirty.  Sorry about that.)

I love these shoes.  The heel is a little on the high side and they are not very well balanced.  But the extra ankle-muscle-use is totally worth it to be able to wear plaid booties.  :)  The exposed zip on the back of this skirt is also a really nice touch.  The skirt is a little big for me now, but I think I can still get away with it.  And this top - I'm showing my shoulders!  I don't normally do that at work, but I was looking for a top this color for so long that I finally gave in when I found this one.  It is otherwise perfectly work appropriate, given the thickness of the knit, the turtleneck, and the nice fitted-but-not-tight fit for me, so I think I can get away with it.  I'd wear the blazer to any meetings to cover those shoulders.

(Top: Louben brand, from Nordstroms, Skirt: Express, Blazer: Jcrew factory, Shoes: super cheapo and bought a long time ago in Boston, Earrings (silver and three colors of amber): a little shop in Hawaii (you can tell I shop a lot when I travel - but it's *so* easy and I find such interesting things.))

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  1. Hi! I know its been awhile. I've been super busy- I threw a baby shower last week, my dad has his knee replaced so I try to visit him while he recovers, my great uncle passed away and I'm traveling to the memorial, and I'm about to go to DC.

    I like those shoes a lot! I couldn't wear them because of the heel, but the pattern is just great. And I really like the top a lot.

    I"m back in my jeans and a t shirt mode. I never am in front of anyone except engineers, and I spent the morning wrestling with syrup and the evenings cooking with the kids (amelia gets to do all the measuring, evie supervises) so its like what is the point of wearing my nice clothes. I am going to a trade show in DC so I need three days of nice clothes, but I'll probably just wear my suit and the same three tops I always wear to trade shows.

    I think this became a letter.