Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Old reliable

Grey or black pants, brightly colored shirt, black or grey blazer, grey belt, and grey or black shoes: It's an easy default outfit that I've been wearing one form or another of since high school.
(Some of my shirts are a little big now that I've lost a lot of the baby weight.  The bagginess shows a lot in the pics... More than in person I think.  But I do have to go through and figure out what fits.)

(Shirt: express.  Still one of the best for brightly colored tailored shirts.  Pants: macys juniors department, belt: jcrew factory, shoes: ankle boots by reaction Kenneth Cole I think (and so so so comfy).  They are synthetic, which I actually like for boots because I can wear them in the rain without worry, but they are starting to die now in their 4th winter.  I think real leather would last longer.  But this way I get to buy a new pair soon and I didn't pay as much so I'm happy with the use I got out of them...  I have a mix of super-cheap, mid-range, and pretty expensive shoes.  These are probably lower-mid-range.)

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