Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Camel colored pants

I've been on the lookout for camel colored pants recently, and I found these on the J-crew Factory website.  They are wool, and look really nice in person (you get a feel for the fabric in the shoe pics), and there's a matching jacket so I can wear them as a suit.  BUT, they are unlined!  Today is a bit of an experiment - will they be itchy, or okay?  It's 9:45, so I've been in them for about 3 hours, and so far so good, even though they felt a tad itchy when I first put them on.  (I know they need an iron - I was lazy.  They are straight out of the box.)  

I like the cut of these pants.  I feel like this is a very modern cut and work well with flats or heels.

The rest of the outfit is sort-of really basic, but also has some fun details.  I like the studs on the cardigan.  And my new heels are fun - notice the length/texture of the pony hair?  I think cheap pony-hair shoes/purses often cut the hair too short.  This is my first time wearing them though, so I brought flats just in case, especially for the walk to/from the car and daycare dropoff/pickup.  But even these flats are favorites of mine. It already turns out I should have put heel grips in one of the heels, so I may switch to the flats for the office too - we'll see how it goes.

(Cardigan: New york and company, pants: j-crew factory purchased online, tank: super old... I think from forever 21, flats: Tahari from Macy's, heels: Banana republic purchased on clearance) 
If you're thinking about shopping j-crew factory, sign up for their emails and watch for 40% or 50% off sales.  I don't think you ever really have to pay full price on their website.  (I did once but now I've learned my lesson.)

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