Monday, October 20, 2014

The best-laid plans

Some mornings I wake up and I know exactly what I'm going to wear.  This was one of those mornings: blue pinstripe wide-leg pants, brown chunk-heel oxfords, a white blouse, and a tan blazer.  ... 

Notice anything different?  :)

It's been about 5 years since I wore those navy pinstripe pants.  As expected, they fit me perfectly.  But I forgot that the in-fashion "break" in pants has changed over the last 5-10 years.  Based on current fashions, they look *way* too long!  I have to re-hem them!  The second pair of pants I put on, grey wide-legs, had the same problem.  The third pair of pants I put on, black wide-legs, were just a tad too tight.  So I ended up in these.  Yup, these are the fourth pair of pants I put on this morning.  But at least I was already wearing a white blouse when I was doing all this, and that goes with everything.

This outfit did give me a chance to wear my new black-and-white leather pumps, which really pull the outfit together I think.  The stripes are strips of folded leather which is white on one side and black on the other - it's a super-cool look, and I can't believe the level of detail for this price of a shoe.  (Ralph Lauren had a similar shoe last year which cost 10x the amount.)

(Blouse: White house black market, silk, bought on super sale (like $15 or something I think - for a 100% silk blouse), pants: Express, Shoes: White house black market, bought on sale but not super sale :), earrings: white house black market super sale.  BTW, another shopping tip: If you log on super early in the morning, a lot of stores (WHBM, jcrew, jcrew factory, dsw, at least) restock their websites over night, and so you can get stuff on super crazy sale that they just had 1 return of or something.  Usually by 6 or 7am they will have sold out.  So yes, some of these deals are due to nursing a baby at 4:30/5 am, and others are thanks to insomnia.)


  1. sigh. I wish I had any pants that fit me. My weight is going crazy now, so the only pants that fit are my ones i bought a few months ago. :(

  2. also i do like the shoes a lot. the white top is so complicated, I know I could never pull it off!