Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Patterned pants

(Pants: a store in Quebec that I think is a Canadian chain, sweater: banana republic, blazer: yank, from filene's basement a while back, shoes: Sears!)

I always find the best clothes in other countries.  These pants are a nice warm wool with a soft lining.  I got them ages ago, but they are back in fashion.  And it has finally cooled down enough here for me to wear fall clothes like these.  

I also love these booties - stylish but comfy, and versatile.  They are really well designed.  It's funny, but I never intend to shoe shop at Sears. I just walk through sears on my way in or out of the mall.  But I've bought several pairs of shoes there that way, and I've liked almost all of them.  I wore two pairs out!  That doesn't happen very often with me given how many pairs I own.

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