Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Simple casual suit outfit

I bought this suit as an easy-to-wear work outfit for days when I don't really need a suit, but want to wear a blazer, and am too lazy to match a pair of pants or skirt with a top and blazer.  Suits are so much easier.  The cropped pants, looser-fitting blazer and camel color all make this more casual than most of my suits, but also less classic, so I have to make sure to get a lot of use out if it in the next year, before cropped-pant-suits with boxy jackets go out of style. 

The thing is, I really bought it to go with my new nude/taupe Christian Louboutin Simple pumps.  But I can't bring myself to wear those!  It turns out I have a serious mental block against wearing X-hundred-dollar shoes to work.  (And yes, I did wear almost-as-many X hundred dollar shoes to Vegas, but apparently my mental block does not extend to Vegas.)  So in the meantime, these shoes are not ideal with this suit since they make my legs look shorter.  But I've got a decent amount of leg to work with, so I'm just going to go with it.  And try another pair of shoes next time.

(Suit: j-crew factory, sweater: j-crew factory, tank: forever 21 from a while back, shoes: macy's)

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