Monday, November 17, 2014

The pitfalls of online shopping, and getting ready while carrying a crying toddler

I bought this blazer online because I liked the detailing - I love the contrast trim and the gold buttons.  But when it arrived, I wasn't thrilled with the fit, so I decided to return it.  Of course, that requires checking the box that says "reason for return: fit," closing the box back up, putting the return label on, and dropping it off at the UPS office.  I never did it.  30 days later, and the return period has expired, so I'm going to just start wearing the thing.  The fit really isn't that bad - it's just boxy, which can work - and it is a nice looking blazer. 

But of course, there's another problem with this outfit: There's just too much going on.  I should have worn a crisp white button-down, or a simple white sweater, with this outfit.  Instead, I'm wearing my white blouse with silver buttons and ruffles and things.  I had to get ready while carrying our inexplicably fussy one-year-old today, and this blouse was easier to reach.  I'm also wearing different pants than I had planned, for the same reason, but that worked out pretty well.  Take a look at how well the different navy fabrics match!

(Blazer: j-crew factory, blouse and pants: white house black market, shoes: target shoes that are *exact* copies of christian louboutin simple pumps minus the red sole (as I know now after having bought myself a pair of simples))


  1. The blazer turned out to be SO comfortable. I felt like I was wearing a soft cozy sweater. That failed return turned out well!

  2. see this is how i feel every day, hence jeans and a t shirt. my kids aren't usually fussy... but they need to be fed, clothed, and i need to break out fights. there then is all the syrup everywhere.

    The jacket is cute. I'd like to see what it looks like styled like you described.