Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweater season

The minus side of having a wardrobe as large as mine is that sometimes I just can't find things.  I really wanted to wear full-length black pants today, but I couldn't find the pair I wanted, so I threw these crops on instead. I really need to get my trousers re-hemmed so I can start wearing boots.  My ankles are cold!  :)

It has finally cooled down around here, so I've started wearing sweaters regularly.  I figured it's a good chance to describe my sweater-buying strategies:
- I buy colors that work on me: mostly black, bright colors, or flattering darks like burgundy. 
- I mostly buy thin sweaters.  Even in Boston that was true - they were a little thicker, but by using fabrics like cashmere, and wearing the right layers underneath, I could get warmth without too much bulk.
- I always wear something under.  Even here, where I don't necessarily need a warm layer, a tank can help smooth.  And in colder places, a nice fitted top underneath can add so much warmth.  I make sure the layer underneath is a slippery fabric so my sweater doesn't catch on it weirdly. 
- I usually try to have some sort of interesting detail.  On this one, that's the button cuffs.  On others it'll be something like studs.

I also love tight high turtlenecks, but it hasn't been cool enough for me to wear them here yet.  But every winter here I've felt colder, as I've gradually become more spoiled.  So maybe this year.  :)

(Sweater: Martin & Osa - which is no longer in business.  I recently discovered MNG Mango - I think they are a similar store to what Martin & Osa used to be.)

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  1. Btw, I still like cashmere blends and merino wool to get a nice look and warmth without spending as much as 100% cashmere.