Monday, November 17, 2014

Working with a personal shopper

I love below-the-knee pencil skirts, and to the extent that I have a signature look, they are probably part of that look.  But I *never* would have considered a high-waisted one (given my short torso and tummy) until my personal shopper made me try it.  And voila, I do have a waist!  (Or at least, the outfit makes it look like I do.)

Three years ago, a few months after baby #1 was born and I was going back to work, I needed work clothes for my larger post-baby figure, and I had no free time to spend shopping.  I called up Nordstroms, which offers a free personal shopper program.  They hooked me up with one.  We corresponded via email in advance and I let her know my rough measurements and guess as to size, what I was looking for, which included a few very specific items (e.g., a black suit), and a few more general ones (e.g., pencil skirts, work pants, work tops).  She pulled items in my sizes and price range and had them all ready for me when I arrived.  I went straight to a fitting room and tried stuff on.  Based on what I liked and didn't, she pulled additional items.  She brought the tailor to the fitting room to take measurements for adjusting two pairs of suit pants. It was incredibly easy and incredibly fast.  I ended up doing a second trip about a month later.  Based on the first trip she had a good sense of my style and size, so she let me know when a bunch of stuff that I would like went on sale.  That's when I got this skirt.  I already had the shirt and belt, and the shoes are new for this year (and help to keep the outfit looking super current).  She was able to do some combinations and pairings I never would have thought of on my own, or wouldn't have taken the time to put together.  It was really great.

Nordstroms has some really inexpensive clothing, which I think a lot of people don't realize.  But it has incredible service.  I highly recommend trying out their personal shopper service.  If you do, make sure to be really vocal and communicative - let them know what you're looking for, what you are looking to spend, and as they bring things let them know what you like and don't like and why - and they should be really helpful. 

(Skirt: Halogen, from Nordstroms (one of my favorite brands there for inexpensive but nice-looking clothes for a 30-something), Shirt: Ann Taylor, Belt: Cheapo belt that came with a juniors top I bought ages ago, shoes: Nordstroms)

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  1. I've done the personal shopper twice. It really depends on who you get, and how much effort you put into it before hand. I went about a year apart, and the first time I had a young girl who was super helpful. The second time I had an older lady who forgot I was there.

    Also no one mentioned I could have a tailor come and help with that stuff!

    I probably will do this again next year, so I will make sure I call ahead, find someone who is motivated, and ask for a tailor if I need it.