Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blazer outfit done right

These are the pants that I wanted to wear with that grey with blue trim blazer.  Aren't they great pants?  The fabric is really fun.  Even though it's dry clean only, I can usually just spot clean it or rub dirt off, which is helpful since Nadia's dirty shoes leave dirt all over my pants every morning and evening when I carry her.  The sweater is comfy and simple.  These earrings are from my mom-in-law, who gives me some fabulous gifts.  They have a matching necklace, but that broke a while back and I haven't fixed it yet.  The earrings are that perfect balance of dangly and interesting, but still office-appropriate.

These pants usually look tighter on me than this...  I guess this is a thin week for me.  Huh.

(Blazer and sweater: J-crew factory, Pants: Reiss)

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