Thursday, June 11, 2015

When short on time, Wear a dress

We had a big group going-away lunch for a colleague the other day, but I was completely behind getting ready.  I had to get ready fast and run out the door.  And I knew we would be walking almost a mile to the restaurant, and the same back.  So I threw on a work-appropriate dress, my comfy black pumps (that I really should get rid of because they are a bit run down, but they are still so comfortable I can't bear to), and grabbed my usual black purse.  I took my work bag too, since I was also going to the office, but I didn't want to carry that all the way to the restaurant with me, and my purse is slim enough to slip inside. 

And I got so many compliments!  It's amazing how put together and polished a good dress can look, but it's also so fast and easy!  I have definitely expanded my work-dress collection over the last year, and I'm getting a lot of great use out of it.  For anyone else who finds themselves short on time getting ready - I highly recommend a few great dresses. 

(Dress: White house black market, I sewed the slit down a bit because it was originally too high for work, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff from Nordstrom, Shoes: Bandolino from DSW.  My Sister in law told me the other day that Bandolino often goes on sale at Macy's, so I may have to make an actual trip into a Macy's one of these days - I'm a little scared though....  Macy's and I don't get along all that well...  - More on that later, if I actually try and go.)

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