Monday, June 1, 2015

The work dinner - business formal?!

Every year, around late May or early June, we have an office banquet. This year, the invitation stated that the attire was "Business Formal."  Normally nothing specific is mentioned.  When I told hubby, he immediately exclaimed "Great!  Now I know exactly what to wear!"  Business Formal is super easy for men, because it has a clear meaning - full suit, with tie.  For women, it's a little harder.  Especially if you happen to be the "business" side of a couple.  As a spouse, you just wear a nice dress and you're fine.  As the professional, you need to look professional.  But for most of us women, we also don't want to look like we're dressing like a man.

I think my outfit worked out pretty well, and this is my go-to formula for this type of situation: Below-knee-length, modest up-top, fitted sheath dress, with a blazer and heels.  The blazer can be left on or taken off, depending on how conservatively everyone else is dressed, and depending on the temperature!   I also carry a simple small clutch, which I can hold between my arm and body when I need my hands.  I try to wear dresses that are just a bit more "evening" than the fitted sheaths I wear to the office.  The beadwork at the neck on this dress, and the fact that it is sleeveless (but still reasonably modest), make it a bit more evening. 

(Dress: BCBG, blazer: Zac Posen, shoes: Sergio Rossi, purse: gift and no particular brand)

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