Friday, June 5, 2015

Tummy bow

When I saw this shirt online, I figured it would either be absolutely adorable, or completely horrible.  Turns out it's not horrible.  :)  I love shirts that combine men's shirting details - this fabric is super men's shirting, the sleeves have a real french cuff, and the collar is nice and high - with something very feminine - like the gathered shoulders, seaming and shaping, and bow.  

I was nervous that the bow on the tummy would look super maternity-ish, and a few of the reviews for this shirt said that it did.  But I think it worked on me.  The shirt is very fitted - it actually has elastic and gathers in the back so that it can perfectly stretch to fit the waist of the wearer.  Being that fitted over the stomach and waist helps to make it look less maternity-ish.  That said, it's probably best not to wear a bow on your tummy unless (1) you are actually pregnant, or (2) your tummy is fairly small.   :)

(And I straightened my bow out a bit before class.  :) )

(Shirt: White house black market, Pants and shoes: Nordstrom)

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